Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


This Privacy Policy in accordance withthe Personal Data Protection Act 2010 of Malaysia sets out how AlsakkafTravel & Tours collects, uses and protects your personal information whichyou have provided to Us.

The term “Alsakkaf Travel & Tours” or “us”or “our” refers to the owner of this website. The term “you” or “your” refersto the user or viewer of our website.


1.   Why Alsakkaf Travel & Tours collects your personal information?


a.   Yourpersonal information is collected for the following purposes:

for customerregistration with Alsakkaf Travel & Tours;

to send youinvites to Alsakkaf Travel & Tours’ events, promotional materials,advertisements for marketing purposes via email or short message service (SMS);

foradministrative purposes;

for assessmentand analysis of the market, Alsakkaf Travel & Tours’ customers and/orpotential customers in relation to our promotions, packages, and services;

to monitor,review and improve Alsakkaf Travel & Tours services;

to be used forinternal record keeping;

b.   Forthis purpose we collect personal information which includes but not limited tothe following:-

name, andcompany name;

contactinformation including email address and phone number;

details of yourvisits to Alsakkaf Travel & Tours’ office and/or website;


gender, age anddate of birth; and

such otherrelevant information to enable Alsakkaf Travel & Tours to provide youwith Alsakkaf Travel & Tours’ travel packages and services.


2.   How Alsakkaf Travel & Tours collects your personal information?

Alsakkaf Travel & Tours collects thisinformation when you visit Alsakkaf Travel & Tours’ office, when youregister or when you telephone or email Alsakkaf Travel &Tours.

By providing your personal information to AlsakkafTravel & Tours, you have agreed to give your consent to the processing ofyour personal information by us for the stated lawful purposes when yourpersonal information was collected. Alsakkaf Travel & Tours shall notprocess your personal information unless you have given consent to theprocessing of your personal information. “Processing” means collecting,recording, holding or storing your personal information or carrying out anyoperation or set of operations on your personal information.

3.   Direct Marketing

Alsakkaf Travel & Tours  may use your personal information formarketing purposes, in particular to present you with advertisements, marketingand/or promotional materials informing about our packages, products andservices and/or conduct free prize draws and prize competitions and such otherinformation in relation to our packages, products and services which we believemay be of interest to you.

Alsakkaf Travel & Tours  will send you advertisements, marketing and/orpromotional materials or information in relation to our packages, products andservices, if you have elected to receive such information when you registerwith Alsakkaf Travel & Tours .

If at any time you wish to stop receiving theseadvertisements, marketing and/or promotional materials, you can do so by usingthe unsubscribe information on every such mailing, by updating your userprofile or account data or by contacting Alsakkaf Travel & Tours   seebelow for details on how to contact Alsakkaf Travel & Tours ).

4.   Sharing of your personal information

Alsakkaf Travel & Tours  does notsell, rent, or lease Alsakkaf Travel & Tours ’s client information tothird parties. Alsakkaf Travel & Tours  may however share and/ordisclose your personal information to third parties in the followingcircumstances:

for purposes of providing information to thefollowing;

where Alsakkaf Travel & Tours  isrequired to do so by law, regulation, or any binding judgment, order, orrequirement of any court or other competent authority;

where you have consented to such disclosure.

5.   Security

Alsakkaf Travel & Tours  is committedand will use Alsakkaf Travel & Tours ’s best endeavour to ensure thatyour personal information is kept and stored securely.

On that premise, Alsakkaf Travel &Tours  has adopted the following measures:

using encryption, where appropriate;

using password protection, where appropriate;and

only Alsakkaf Travel & Tours ’s authorisedemployees are permitted to access your personal information for the purposesstipulated in this Privacy Policy.

6.   Links to external content resources

Alsakkaf Travel & Tours ’s website may linkor direct you to other websites or external content resources which are notwithin our control. Whilst we will use our best endeavour to ensure that welink or direct you only to websites that share our privacy and security standards,we are not in the position to guarantee the same and we will not be responsiblefor the protection and privacy of any personal information which you provide onthose websites. You should therefore exercise caution including reviewing theprivacy policy of those websites before disclosing any personal information.

7.   Web tracking (cookies and web beacons)

Alsakkaf Travel & Tours  uses cookies(small text files that store information on your hard drive) for certainfunctions and operations of our websites. Cookies help AlsakkafTravel & Tours  to understand which sections of Alsakkaf Travel &Tours ’s websites are frequently visited. With this information AlsakkafTravel & Tours  is able to adapt Alsakkaf Travel & Tours ’spackages, products and services and/or website to suit your demands and toprovide you with a more customized and personalized user experience. Forexample, cookies allow Alsakkaf Travel & Tours  to ensure that theinformation displayed on your next visit will match your user preferences.

You may configure your browser to accept allcookies, reject all cookies, or notify you when a cookie is sent. Each browseris different, so check the “Help” menu of your browser to learn how to changeyour cookie preferences. For example, on Microsoft Internet Explorer you candisable or delete cookies by selecting “Tools/Internet Options”.

Please note that Alsakkaf Travel &Tours ’s  websites are designed to work with cookies and disabling cookiesmay affect your usage of Alsakkaf Travel & Tours ’s websites and may preventyou from taking full advantage of Alsakkaf Travel & Tours ’s servicesat Alsakkaf Travel & Tours ’s websites. Alsakkaf Travel & Tours  donot exchange cookies with any third party websites or external data suppliers,except with third parties working with Alsakkaf Travel & Tours  toprovide Alsakkaf Travel & Tours ’s services to you.

Alsakkaf Travel & Tours ’s websites and thecommunications generated from using and/or registering to Alsakkaf Travel& Tours ’s websites, such as promotional emails, may contain electronicimages known as “web beacons”. Web beacons generally work in conjunction withcookies, and Alsakkaf Travel & Tours  may use them in the sameway Alsakkaf Travel & Tours  uses cookies (see above).

8.   Retention of your personal information

All your personal information collectedby Alsakkaf Travel & Tours  will be retained with AlsakkafTravel & Tours  and Alsakkaf Travel & Tours  shall notkeep your personal information longer than is necessary for the fulfilment ofthe lawful purposes to which it was obtained for.

9.   Access to your personal information

You may request for a copy of your personalinformation which you have provided to Alsakkaf Travel & Tours  bysubmitting your request in writing specifying the personal information you wishto access including any discount or reference numbers where applicable to AlsakkafTravel & Tours  in which a fee will be charged to you (if necessary)and you will need to provide a copy of the following documents with yourwritten request to enable Alsakkaf Travel & Tours  to verify youridentity:

NRIC; and/or

driving licence.


10. Accuracy and correction of your personalinformation

Alsakkaf Travel & Tours  takes allreasonable steps to ensure that your personal information provided to AlsakkafTravel & Tours  is accurate and relevant only to the lawful purposesto which it was obtained for and is kept in the manner whereby the accuracy andcompleteness of your personal information is not affected and your personalinformation is up-to-date.

If any of your information is incorrect orincomplete, the correction will be done without any charges and you may submityour request in writing specifying the incorrect information and the correctinformation for us to replace it with. Please include the following in yourwritten request which can be used to identify you such as:


passport; and

11. Changes

Alsakkaf Travel & Tours  may amendthis Privacy Policy from time to time by posting the changes on this page.Please visit Alsakkaf Travel & Tours ’s website from time to time toensure that you are kept up to date.

12. Choice to your personal information

You may choose to restrict the collection oruse of your personal information by clicking the link in Alsakkaf Travel& Tours ’s Electronic Direct Mail (“EDM”) to unsubscribe the service uponreceiving the EDM from Alsakkaf Travel & Tours  or you maycontact Alsakkaf Travel & Tours  directly.

13. Contact

Alsakkaf Travel & Tours  welcomes yourviews and feedback about Alsakkaf Travel & Tours ’s Privacy Policy.Please help Alsakkaf Travel & Tours  to ensure that the personalinformation which you have provided to Alsakkaf Travel & Tours  isaccurate and up to date. If you have any queries or comments please contact ourCustomer Service at [email protected], or email to booking@ PRIVACY).